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4 Tips for Planning a Perfect Family Vacation

The family vacations are what most of the family members look forward to. With anxious and hyper children, it could be very difficult to plan appropriately. The vacations require the input of all the family members and willingness of the parents to have great time. When all the members are ready all is possible. The following are some tips for planning a great family holiday.

family trip

1.      Destination

The destination of the holiday should be chosen with consideration of all the family members. Where children cannot stay for long on flight, the parents should choose a vacation at a nearby state. The behavior of the children should also determine the destination. The parents should consider the children at their worst behavior and choose the destination.

2.      Chill out

When planning for the family vacation, it would be important for the parents to feel relaxed. This will enable them to figure themselves having fan with the children and reduce the pressure of planning.

3.      Talking to the kids

It is also important to talk to the kids on what they should expect in the trip. This will help in preparing them psychologically. They should be informed what will go on there, how long they will stay and any other important communication. This makes the arrangement of the trip more inclusive and exciting.

4.      Be patient during the vacation

The other key tip for planning the family is being patient during the planning as well as the holiday period. Patience is very key when dealing with people and more so when dealing with the young children.

It is important to make good plans of the family holiday vacation that can easily be changed. When the above tips are used in planning the family vacations, the kids and entire family will enjoy and make it memorable.


Loango National Park in Gabonese Republic

Going to Central Africa will take you to one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Loango National Park. The beauty of this place is almost beyond compare, sadly though it does not receive much recognition from the world. Not much tourist also get to see this perfect place; but in a way though being isolated only adds to the charm of this park.


Natural Haven for the Wildlife

Loango, the town itself, is a beautiful place. But the park is really something else. It is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. This is where you can watch the elephants eat from trees planted on edges of the jungle that ideally overlook wide empty hazy white beaches.

Here, you will also enjoy seeing the hippos, as they are creatures that are certainly hard to miss. Watch these huge animals claim their territories by chasing all the other animals away. The adventure will give you a first hand National Geographic-like experience. Other wild animals to watch and photograph include water buffalos, river hogs, leopards, lowland gorillas and several monkey varieties.

Of course jungles and forest will not be complete without trees and wild plants. This park is not any different as going through will give you the chance to see different plants and trees, many of which have significant spiritual importance for the local people. There are edible fruits as well like red berry-like fruits and wild guava, which visitors can try.

The Loango National Park is actually just one of the many Gabon national parks and it offers a magical abundance of wildlife and untouched habitat.





The History of Loango Park

The Loango National Park came into existence in 1956 when the faunal reserves were first established. The reserves were mainly meant for promoting sustainability of the land and the animals in the area. Later in 2002, authorities put into map 13 new parks, which together with the Loango National Park, covered over 10% of the total land area in Gabon. The area around the park is devoid of people as many were resettled by the government.

When looking for a place to see the surfing hippos and various varieties of dolphins and whales, the Loango National Park may offer the best solution. Here, visitors can also enjoy other activities like swimming and hunting with the local people around the Loango Park.


Sweden – one of best European fishing destinations


Whether you are at the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula or at the southern part in Sweden you are always close to your biggest catch. Scandinavian countries can offer various fishing terrains and the possibility to use many techniques. Sweden has less water bodies, such as lakes, than the other Scandinavian countries, but the lakes of Sweden are much larger and the fish potential is greater. With many rivers and runny water Sweden is a wonderful place for all angling enthusiast. There are up to 40 species of fish in the waters and many of them, such as pikes in the lakes and salmon in running waters. In some of the greater cities of the country there are possibilities to fish even in the city itself.

There are almost 100.000 lakes in Sweden, from the lowland lakes in southern to the more rugged ones in the north, the chance to catch something big is great. In the northern part there are many lakes in the woodland, they are very peaceful and calm and offer fantastic atmosphere for a picnic with family and friends, while they still have great fishing potential.

While you are at the northern part of the country you can go river fishing for trout, many major rivers are located here, and the sight of waterfalls and rapids is very common and fantastic. Here you can also observe the glorious northern lights or so called Aurora Borealis. In the south is the famous mountain Morrumsan (Blekinge province) where many rivers are brimming with salmon and trout. At Sweden’s west coast side you can hire a boat and go deep sea fishing for cod and mackerel. This region is also well-known for its seafood, trips on oyster or lobsters fishing are also organized. With all the lakes, rivers, the sea and the fish Sweden is a wonderful place to visit, no matter if you are fisherman or not.


The Northern archipelago – Svalbard


In the north part of Norway is the archipelago of Svalbard, a group of islands located in the Arctic Ocean. Even with the arctic climate and the higher attitude the Svalbard islands have milder climate than most arctic locations. Great part of the archipelago territory is under glacier and there are many fjords and mountains here. The arctic climate and the ocean are reason why the islands are highly populated with seabirds and marine mammals, Svalbard is the realm of the polar bear. Most of the tourists come to experience the raw and pure nature of the islands. Through the summer season you can go hiking or go on a trip with a boat, during the winter you can go on a trip with a snowmobile or go dog sledding, there are also beautiful areas where you can go cross country skiing.


Although it is consisted of many islands, only one is inhabited by man, Spitsbergen, the biggest island in Norway. There are boat trips cruising by the coast of Spitsbergen, and with 3000 polar bears roaming the archipelago you will surely spot one amidst the beautiful arctic forms and fjords. The largest settlement here is Longyearbyen. There is accommodation in guesthouses in this small city, but the costs are even higher than the mainland of Norway.  Here you can visit the northernmost church in the world or the few museums. There are also settlements from the Soviet era and abandoned gold mines, reachable by snowmobile. On the food menu you can see local specialties, such as dishes of reindeer meat, seal and whale, sometimes even polar bear meat. Svalbard is duty –free zone, so alcohol and sports apparel are much cheaper than Norway. There are souvenirs and gift shops offering items of gold, silver and fur.


What to do and where to go in Madagascar


Madagascar is probably of the most interesting countries in the world, because of its specific flora and fauna that is one of the reasons for so many visitors, including scientists. The islands offer the adventure of the rainforest to those who love hiking and trekking. While hiking you may see the unique fauna of the islands, lemurs and sifakas are certainly most famous. Although it is harder to spot them while in the rainforest,they can easily be seen in the drier places of the island. You may also see many species of amphibians and lizards and many birds. Of the flora there are many things to see, like the great variety of palms, the endemic baobab trees and the plenty of orchids.

Once you are tired of hiking, you may go down the trail and end up on some of the islands beautiful beaches with gentle sands and clear waters. There are many deserted beaches, with only the wildlife around you will relax and enjoy. On one of the most famous parts of Madagascar, the tropical island of Nosy Be, are many beautiful beaches, and a wide range of hotels and restaurants. While in Nosy Be you can go scuba diving or snorkeling, wind or kite surfing or deep sea fishing. The capital city of Madagascar is Antananavario and it is the largest city, this is a city with unique architecture mixing the old stylish wooden houses with modern architecture and colonial buildings in French style. There are many churches to visit, and many open air markets known by the name Zomas. In Madagascar one should try the bananas, there is a huge number of varieties, there is also plenty of tropical fruits you can try and off course the coffee, which is handmade and irresistible.




As if Rome does not have enough to satisfy the hungry populace, many small towns within easy driving distance lure Romans into the countryside to dine.  One such town is Sacrofano about 25 miles north of the capital where  a handful of restaurants vie for  customers.

Da Tonino is a charming, traditional restaurant with local dishes; RistoranteFinamore offers excellent fish; La Scaletta  exudes the atmosphere of a house in the country; I Due Archi is a warm, friendly traditional trattoria while L’altroPosto is located in a 16th century palazzo and includes a cave dug into the tufo which stays at a constant temperature of  16 °C.

The name of this last restaurant means The Other Place, and one can only think that they are comparing themselves to the restaurant that put Sacrofano on the map some time in the 70s: Il Grottino, or the (not so little) cave.  This too is built into the side of the hill and it consists of an enormous fireplace and a number of small rooms.

On one’s first visit, one was charmed by the casual atmosphere and the way in which the host made suggestions – the antipasto, a  mezzo (half) portion of pasta for the foreigners, perhaps something from the grill accompanied by a baked potato, beans and salad, and if you still had room, the rather plain cake dipped in Vin Santo for dessert.


On the second visit, one realized that there really was no choice: this was the menu, day in and day out.  But who would have it any different?  From the bruschetta, made as it should be over an open flame, and accompanied by finely chopped well-cooked mushrooms, through the grand assortment of salamis, pork chops, bits of beef, liver, sausages and more off the grill to the last drop of digestive, it was just perfect.  Wine and water flowed constantly, and the bill was also always the same.

These days reviews are mixed, but a visit to Sacrofano is still a culinary treat.

Top Three Cheap European Destinations

If you are planning on a European tour but you do not want to go bankrupt at the same time, you should be happy to know there are great yet cheap destinations in Europe.


1.       Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one European nation that is currently undergoing a pre-communist period, which means that it is on a transitional stage. This also means that going here will provide you with the chance to enjoy the sumptuous Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine, magnificent sceneries and stunning seaside resorts without the need to spend too much, as you would in other European countries.

2.       Berlin, Germany

Berlin may be one of the most infamous cities in Europe, but it is still a cheap destination when compared to other key cities. This German city is alive with history – being the epicenter of the Third Reich – in such a way that no other European city is. Despite the history, Berlin is still young because it is full of students and young artists. The best thing about visiting this city is that you get to experience an unpolished culture due to its past.

3.       Turquoise Coast, Turkey

This Turkish destination offers some of the best Mediterranean sights and excitements without having to spend too much as you would do in other locations like the Greek coast and the Italian Riviera. This destination boasts of a magnificent stunning 1,000-mile shoreline that can rival any of rivals its Mediterranean neighbors for exquisiteness, beauty and rich ancient history, but definitely not for the costs.

Know Basic Air Traveling Tips with Kids

Vacationing with your kids shouldn’t be as stressful and as disastrous as portrayed on movies and television shows. If you want to enjoy the holidays from the moment you lock your front door to the time you have to enter your home again, you should keep this basic tips that could help you get that stress-free vacation with your whole family.

air travel1

Educate the Kids

It is important to talk to your kids before the departure date. You should know that most kids are uncontrollable when they are clueless as to what is happening around them. If you can discuss with them all the things and happenings that will happen, especially at the airport, then there is a big chance that will behave.

Bring all the Essentials

It is important as well to make sure that everything your kids will need are included in the baggage. If you want to save some money, it is best to have packed snacks, because easily get hungry especially if they have to wait in the airport. If you are bringing an infant, you should know how many feeding bottles you are allowed to carry with you at the plane.

air travel3

Keep the Kids Entertained and Occupied

The best way to keep the kids occupy is to either feed them or let them play. If they have some electronic gadgets that they can play with, it is best if you can let them play with.

You have to keep in mind that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep the kids occupy, they will be bored and will look for other things to entertain them. You should let them know the high security being observed in the airport, so that they will understand the need to stay close to you.

An Bang Beach, Vietnam – Discover This Spectacular Asian Destination

An Bang Beach was voted as one of the world’s top 50 beautiful beaches; and the award was definitely fitting as this Vietnam destination offers long seaside, white-sandy beaches and gentle waves.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach Location


An Bang beach is ideally located near the Hoi An’s former trading port and is situated on the South China Sea coast and in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. An Bang Beach is part of the ancient town of Hoi An, which was a recognized World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. History has it that this town used to be the largest Southeast Asian harbor in the first century.

When is the Best Time to Visit An Bang Beach


Just like the rest of Vietnam, Hoi An has tropical climate and it means that the months of May up to August could be ideal to visit as the weather will be mild and calm. This also means that the sea is definitely calm while the wind comes from the south.

Months of February up to April cover the dry season and the temperature is warmer with lost of glorious sunshine. This means that during these months, you can expect the beach and the rest of the town to be a little crowded with both tourists and locals.

Aside from enjoying the cool waters and the white sandy beaches of the An Bang Beach, there are other things to do in Vietnam like sampling the fresh seafood dishes. You can start your Hoi An experience by exploring the town and then taking the much need break at the beach.

Travel Dining- Learn a Few Tibetan Food Facts

If you have the inclination to visit Tibet, there are a lot of things that you should know first. Tibet can provide a very exhilarating and exciting traveling experience for everyone. It is a place of old customs and traditions and the people here value their rich history so much.


In a way, walking through Tibet could be compared to a pilgrimage as this location can be considered a very sacred land.

Aside from the mountains and the culture of the people of Tibet, food is also something that this land is proud of. Here are some facts that you may need to know about Tibetan food before you embark on your journey.

Tibetans are not necessary vegetarians. They are Buddhists, but they also eat meat. It is difficult to actually raise vegetables in this country. That is why meat, barley and dairy products can be commonly seen served in households.

Tibetans like hot sauce, and they use it on almost anything they eat.

Butter tea or po cha is the common drink in Tibet, which is black tea mixed with salt, butter and milk.

Tibetans also live on rice, highland barley, mutton, chicken, potatoes and carrots. Most of the meals are cooked very greasily and they are very much into the use of seasoning.

Tsampa is Tibetan staple food, which is flour made from roasted barley and is commonly served with butter, sugar, tea and dried cheese. It is very easy to prepare and it is popular as convenience food by travelers because it is easy to carry around. Just mix tsampa with dried cheese, butter and tea, and you have created a refreshing and energetic meal.

Plan a Vacation to Magnetic Island Reef Region in Australia

Visiting Australia does not necessarily mean seeing the Sydney Opera House or having a close encounter with the koalas and the kangaroos. There are more to Australia than that. If you are heading north, one of your best options for exciting adventure could be the Magnetic Island. This island is unique in a sense that it is the only one of its kind in the coast of North Queensland that possesses a wonderful fusion of untouched National Park, 2500 residents and several holiday resorts.


An Island of Unspoiled Beauty

If you have never been to the Magnetic Island or you have not had the opportunity to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, this is about time to go and have that wonderful new experience. This island is just 20 minutes away from the northern capital of Queensland, Townsville. The exciting thing about it is that despite the fact that Townsville offers everything that a modern capital has, reaching the island is like entering a new world. A world more expected to be seen in far away lands.

Tropical Lifestyle to the Max

Those who have experienced the charm and beauty of Magnetic Island have attested that this is definitely an island like no other. It offers the most ideal tropical lifestyle where everyone can be lazy, relaxed and comfortable, while the rest of the world hurries to and fro.

Magnetic Island is that perfect place where the rocky peninsula meets the sea, and where the secluded beaches were formed. And just imagine, within just 20 minutes you can be easily and quickly transported from a busy capital city into this island paradise.