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Cruise Guide and Useful Tips

Booking for a cruise could be an exciting thing to do and once you have completed all transactions, you will surely be a lot more excited with anticipation regarding the upcoming sea voyage. The best thing about cruises is the idea of seeing more than one specially chosen destination. The next best thing is the thought of being pampered and spoiled while on board the cruise ship.

Cruise Ship


Preparation starts at home and this should be all about what to bring. Smart packing is important. In most cases one carry-on bag should be enough, but if you are going on a month-long cruise, this may not be possible – still, less means ease and comfort.

If you require more than one bag, make sure that your documents, money, traveler’s checks and other personal items are in your carry-on. It may take a while before your check in luggage could be delivered to your room and it is always better if your personal essentials are with you every time.

Essential Cruise Outfits

When it comes to the clothes to bring, swimsuits are very important as well as a few casual outfits like shirts, shorts, cotton pants and even light weight jeans. Dinner clothes are a must as well, as cruise dinners can be remarkably memorable.

Don’t Forget the Camera

Forgetting your camera could mean disaster, but then, if you have the money you can always buy disposable cameras either on-board the ship or from one of the souvenir shops in any of your destinations.

All in all, going on a cruise even once in a lifetime should be experienced by everyone. This kind of holiday activity beats all other kinds of vacationing options. Seeing multiple placed in one booking allows you to witness different cultures and taste different cuisines that you may not experience from a single-destination traveling option.


The Mustang Kingdom of Nepal

Mustang Kingdom is a part of Nepal, politically. But it also called Tibet as this kingdom’s culture is mostly Tibetan, and the people here have managed to foster that culture even after the Chinese invasion in 1951.

Mustang Kingdom

Brief History of the Mustang Kingdom

Mustang Kingdom was formerly known as the Kingdom of Lo and it measure 85 km long and 45 km wide. Livelihood here is mostly trading and animal husbandry.

The region of this kingdom is easily accessible from the Himalayas side and due to its strategic location; this location has served as battle field during many wars. And because of such wars and invasions, different religious practices and cultures have thrived in this kingdom.

Before the Nepalese government gained full control in the 18th century, Mustang Kingdom used to be a very sovereign kingdom. Culture and language here are closely related to Tibet’s and trading here during the 15th to the 17th centuries was actually extremely thriving because the people of Mustang have the advantage of having easy access to India and the Himalayas.

The Kingdom Opened its Gates to the World

It was in 1970 when the kingdom welcomed the world inside their community, but it was not until the 1990s that tourists were allowed to enter this tightly sealed kingdom. Despite such tourism liberty, there are still some strict rules that are being maintained in upper Mustang. Tourists must first secure a special permit in order to gain entry to the kingdom; ten days of stay inside the kingdom will cost roughly around 500USD.

Mustang Kingdom Now

Mustang Kingdom is now known by the world as the Kingdom on the Edge. Visiting this kingdom will allow visitors to; see the great palace where the King still reside and experience culture that is more Tibetan than in Tibet.