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What comes to your mind when we abruptly say, Samoa? Perhaps the fact that there were some Europeans in the past who had declared Samoans and their Islands as the Navigator Islands due to their remarkable skills of coalition when on the sea, probably. The specific term that the tourists and the natives use in order to describe their heritage’s break out would be in favour of these oceanic artichokes, thus, they were called as seafaring explorers.
The history of Samoa had a silent pause in between as they had seen some of the enlightening concepts of religion during their settlement. After being converted to Christianity and comprehending its lawful practices of saintly brotherhood, Samoans adopted a culture incorporating dances and canoe races which up till today gives a shooting rise in their economy and nevertheless, their cultural heritage as well.
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Western Samoa holds a difference of sovereignty and culture from the cryptic settling nearby, particularly where the kin of American Samoa entails. So, accordingly, if one looks deep into the heritage of Samoa, one would find out that the Samoans are quite dedicated to their culture and traditions. Fa’a Samoa, the terms which depict that each and every Samoan inhabitant must owe the other person a part of the Samoan culture with true devotion and ethnicity. However, this may prove that the Samoans prefer to stand in unison rather than being possessed with a shaken background.


The Western Samoa contains people that are happy and brisk with fun-filled yet atypical activities which include the dangerous dances accompanied with whirling fires. However, tourism is at the peak in this part of Samoa as dances and boat races are situated in the heart of the country and continually manage to spark interest in the tourists, hence, no pun intended here.

Safety Travel Tips that Every Tourist Should Know


Spending a great holiday time is a great thing but some people may not really know that they have to pay attention on their own safety. This is especially when they have travel abroad. There are some cultural cross understandings that people should really pay attention. The same thing applies to the safety condition of the destination where there are higher rates of crime, especially on third world countries.

When visiting another country, it is better to exchange the currency. There might be some automated teller machines (ATMs) but they will apply high fees on each currency. It is much cheaper to exchange currencies on changers which are mostly available in the airports. We can also save money before reaching our destinations by bringing our own meals, especially when we do not travel too far. Imagine how much we will spend when we have to stop by at a small restaurant with five family members. We can have better culinary adventures on other places after reaching the desired destinations.

In terms of safety factors, it is important for not bringing too much cash on our pockets, especially when we travel to countries where our appearances are much like foreigners. For example, British people who spend holidays on Switzerland do not appear like ‘alien’ and it is different when they visit Asian countries. Keep in mind that people who live in third world countries always think that foreigners are rich people as people on their countries can only spend holidays abroad when they have much money. Beware of pickpocket, as public places are mostly crowded.  It is also recommended for not trusting any person who might offer a help because rates of crimes are getting higher these days. Keep an eye on our kids closely as they can get lost easily on very crowded places.

Do not make those explanations above makes you scared. Just be cautious so you can still enjoy amazing holidays on your desired destinations.

How Safe and Comfortable in Staying at Hostels


One of some traveling purposes is to find rejuvenation in visiting places that we have never seen before. Somehow, we want to make limitation on our holiday budget, but it seems impossible to do.  The good news is there are so many options of cost-saving methods which can really save our pocket in significant way. One of the best things to do is to find affordable accommodation.

Staying in hostels is a good alternative for family trips. This is because many hostels in some countries provide big rooms, which are meant for family holidays. Staying in hotels with at least four family members are costly because dwellers may have to add some facilities like extra bed and so forth. Unlike hotels, hostels are very convenient and provide high socialization factor. Staying in hostels can let people to get to know new people and share experiences. This is perfect for sharing information about some destinations that most tourists visit.

Amenities are definitely standard though the rooms are clean and comfortable to stay. At least, dwellers can just enjoy large beds and big living room and a small kitchen as well as one bathroom with very standard amenities, especially if you visit hostels in third world countries. Some hostels are listed on search engines but others are only available on local yellow pages book. Bigger hostels can be found on some travel directories websites so that everyone can check their facilities and rates, though there might be some changes in the rates occasionally.

There is another idea of saving budget besides staying in a hostel. We can find some promotional rates on restaurants or amusement places which offer special rates for family visit. The reduce costs may not look much, but when we find lots of offers, then we can really save our budget.

Getting Massive Profits from Owning Our Own Travel Agents


One of the most profitable business sectors is tourism and it seems that owning our own travel agents can be a great idea for building our own business. Regardless of severe financial crisis and inflation, tourism still rules where everyone cannot seem to avoid traveling, whether it is for family purposes or business trips. The existence of travel agents is stronger than ever, especially because of so many interesting offers from various airlines’ and cruises’ companies about discounted or low price. So, where can we start?

The first thing to do is preparing to have channels to several airlines, cruises, trains and buses companies that offer online selling. This is one of the most effective starts because we only have to prepare computer or laptop, good internet service and several amount of money to pay in advance before clients make payment.

When we find out that it goes smoothly, then we can start expanding our services into package deals offering. This time, we should find connection with various hotels and tourism resorts that mostly promote their services and facilities through special packages. We should be creative enough in mixing the package deals with the correlated airline companies’ service and tourism resorts or hotels. This is proven very effective because many tourists do not want to find any hassle in buying plane tickets and they still have to find places to stay on the desired destination.

The next important thing is maintaining good relationships and service to loyal clients because it is easier to get clients instead of maintaining them. When clients find out about our good services, they will share this good news to relatives and friends—both offline or through social media networks. So, it is important expand our business website into good layout along with direct links to our Twitter or Facebook accounts so that website visitors can see reviews and testimonials from clients.

Find Out Which Countries Offer the Best Holiday Experiences During Winter

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Winter is approaching and many people have set up plans to spend holidays during cold months. People who live in four-season countries will try to get out of cold winters by spending holidays at tropical islands. However, there are some people who want to enjoy the falling snow while involve in challenging winter sports. If you belong to the second category, then you should find out some places in the world where you can spend lovely winter with your loved ones.

The first option is Canada. This country is very famous for its beautiful snowy mountains and they become the main destinations for those who love to spend winter adventurous sports. Visiting Whistler during winter is for those winter sports seekers and skiers as this spot is flawless for rejuvenating and unwinding. Sightseeing is another option for those who might not want or like skiing. And this is not disappointing either.

The next and the most favorite place to visit is Swiss Alps. Not only it is the best place for skiing, but it is also the central of winter activities like snowboard, ski, as well as enjoying the magnificent ski splash. There are some hills’ parts which are not covered with snow though they are still worth visiting. Swiss Alps never disappoint everyone and it makes sense where there are so many options for accommodations with luxury amenities.

When you visit those cold places, it is important to equip yourself with winter clothes and essentials like ski jackets, hats and gloves along with sunscreen. Do not think that the heat of the sun will not harm you regardless of the cold climate. Winter season may not be most people’s favorite, but winter still has its charm for those who love to spend romantic, cold moments. It is best to find the best places to visit during winter through the Internet so that there will be good preparation before deciding to the desired destinations.


Beautiful Jolie Spotted in Hawaii for Her Latest Film ‘Unbroken’


It seems that Angelina Jolie never wants to give up, despite of health problems that she was just experiencing. After attending several red carpet events together with Brad Pitt for her latest movie, World War Z in London, Paris and Berlin, she was pictured by photographers while spending her time in Oahu for her next movie, Unbroken. She seemed enjoy the beauty of Hawaiian sun while protecting herself with broad fedora and a pair of sunglasses. Surely, nobody doubts her beauty though she is far from even light make up.

Visiting Hawaii with bother her sons, Maddox (11) and Pax (9), she arrived with bright smile as many airport visitors did not want to miss a glance on this beautiful brunette. ‘Unbroken’ will be her directorial movie and she will spend some times for directing this movie in Hawaii. Her arrival in Hawaii in wearing simple black camisole seems to show all women to be proud of herself.

It is known very well that Jolie was just undergone double mastectomy and now she performed perfectly despite of the preventative surgery. She kept saying that she never feel ‘less of a woman’ and even she feels much better though there is still tiny scars beside her right armpit. She underwent medical procedures for three months and she has proven that she is perfectly healthy.

Jolie remains active as representatives for social organizations like UNHCR Special Envoy. She was one criticizing the UN Security Council due to so many rapes on conflict areas. Jolie insisted that UN Security Council is not powerful enough in preventing this horrible crime. She kept urging the council for meeting its commitments, debating this issue until there is a significant solution. “People in the conflict areas should be mobilized for the best efforts of foreign policy,” she continued.