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Finding Nature-Friendly Travel Destinations

We have been working hard for the whole year and our once-in-a year holiday should be the one which can bring total relaxation to our body and mind. This is the time to get back to nature. Nature has given us endless beauty until people ruin it with their brick and mortar developments. Let’s forget on the excitement of shopping at giant department stores. This time, let’s take a look at our surroundings so that we will love our nature more and have strong courage to preserve it.


1st Destination: Kenya

Kenya’s wildlife always takes everyone’s breath away and you will feel the same when you visit this place. It is the comfortable home for those endangered species like elephants or lions though Kenya also hosts so many amazing natural places like beaches, forests, lakes, and surely deserts. There are also mountains to explore as all of them have such distinctive ecosystem. Everyone who wants to try a dazzling experience in diving along those magnificent coral reefs will find out that Kenya is truly a heaven on earth.


2nd Destination: Costa Rica

This place is able to maintain its ecotourism aspects, thanks to the strong efforts from the government and citizens in maintaining the ecosystem of rain forests, beaches with those majesty black sands and excellent mountains to conquer. Costa Rica is always the heaven of nature lovers and true adventurers. Costa Rica is also the best place to dwell for those extinct creatures like jaguars, crocodiles, some species of monkeys and sea turtles.


3rd Destination: The Great Barrier Reef

This is one of the best destinations in the world which becomes the symbol of the best ecosystem in Australia. Unfortunately, there is a significant rising temperatures of water because of wild fishing and other illegal exploration which have jeopardized those corals.

Avoid Stress during Business Trip with Bustling NY City Entertainment

Everyone needs a time out and every businessperson who has to spend a week on Big Apple will feel so stressful when he only spends the whole day sitting within those business conferences. What they need is breathtaking entertainment in this bustling New York City. The city does not sleep and nobody should think that they will not find any amusing entertainment to enjoy. So, where parts of the city that you can escape?


Live Music

As we know that New York City is the origins of so many famous musicians and everyone can just choose any genre based on his music taste. Light Asylum, Natasha Khan, Emeli Sandé, and Albert “Tootie” Heath, Ethan Iverson and Ben Street are among various genres which will entertain everyone with their high-class music performances. Fifth Ave’s Central Park, Rumsey Playfield Enter park at 69th St,  The Bowery Electric 327 Bowery or Webster Hall 125 E 11th St are the best destinations to visit as those places host various live music

Central Park

Central Park is always a must-visited place in Big Apple as its magnificent greenery is more than just entertaining for everyone to stroll and bike. There are street performances for great entertainment during warmer months.


Dining Places

Dining out is unavoidable as most businesspeople won’t have a single time in preparing their own dinner. As New York city is a heterogenic place, various kinds of cuisines are there to pamper everyone. New restaurants are launched in almost every month and they are worth trying. Pizza, seafood, Japanese and Chinese food, authentic Indian, British and Irish restaurants are only to name a few.

Nightlife: Clubs and Parties

Tainted cabaret, and several sensual activities can be considered as the most appealing entertainment forms in New York City. Burlesques and pole dances are totally sexy.

Those are only a few of hundreds of attractions for those who never want to sleep at the city that doesn’t sleep. Enjoy your visit at NYC and be ready to experience unforgettable moments!


Many people go to Las Vegas to roll in the deep and to get wild and high. Many would consider Atlantic City to be their destination on account of its resorts and spas. In other words, the people nowadays just want to get out of their busy life and schedules and go for some wild beer parties which can be found capably exploited in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City has been the heart of tourism. The Atlantic City Boardwalk is the biggest boardwalk that the city would have to offer with innumerable casinos, resorts, spas and shopping centers spread through out the entire line. Tourists would love sighting the noon-day sun or the stars in the night while standing on the boardwalk.

The Golden Nugget, one of the best hotels of Atlantic City has been well known for its reasonable price, its well-established building, the suites and the deals and most importantly, its golden spa. Tourists flock to the Golden Nugget on account of its spa just to get therapeutic treatments such as a stone therapy or a keen massage at the hands of some of the best in Las Vegas.

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Pregnant women can also get a massage which is especially designed for them. The neo-natal scrub works wonders for them and helps to alleviate their troubles pain; thus, making the mother-to-be comfortable and enthusiast to welcome her baby to the world.

The salon also offers make-up, tanning amenities, body waxing and other tourist-craving deals that would certainly excite the next tourist who comes in through the doors.

Yoga in Italy

Sometimes, the best retreats that many people may tend to look for cater to yoga and exclusive exercises. Nowadays, tranquility and peace are difficult to find and there are millions of people in the world who wish to drown their doldrums in such a place where they could find utmost pleasure and relaxation.


Some of these places keenly include the Sunflower Yoga Retreat situated atop a casual hilltop in Casperia. Casperia is a place in Italy’s most secluded and exclusive capital city, Rome. The only reason that is capable of driving tourists crazy for a hike upto the mountains would be the tempting yoga classes that this retreat offers.

Of course, there is a swimming pool situated on the top of a hill and deck chairs are placed on the pool side as well. For exercises, there is a practical schedule that has been formulated which ranges from morning exercises, inclusive of refreshing yoga as well to those which would run through the entire afternoon.


Sunflower Retreat usually lives up to its name as it supports ecology to the fullest as well. Here, at Sunflower Retreats, you may see people residing either in the Resort or relaxing out on the decks to be completely soaked by the Sun’s rays. There is also enough evidence to prove the quality of the teachers who teach yoga at the place. There are quite a many teachers who have been known to be experienced enough and hence, are quite true to their words. They provide yoga which may prove indulgent for the tourists flocking to this retreat based in the north of Italy, idealistic for a picturesque view.

Rideu Canal


Rideu Canal is one of those monuments which have been inaugurated in the 19th century in case of a war with the United States of  America. As history would know it and as UNESCO would call it, it became a world heritage monument and thus, it is now only used for boating purposes.

The Rideu Canal had quite a history implementation, of course. As it was inaugurated in the peak war season, no one would have thought that the Canal’s beauty would still be restored and yet, a canal which was used as an escape barrier would be now considered as hallmark of fame and beauty.

The flight of eight locks at Ottawa Lockstation is the largest flight on the Rideau Canal.


The Rideu Canal is situated in Ottawa where water flows from the latter and the lake of Ontario as waterfalls keenly join together. It is as imagined, a beautiful sight and people would still consider to go ito the place and seek its historical heritage.

The Rideu Canal as previously mentioned is probably one of those military monuments which has been luckily preserved and has been able to prove its technology. Its technology is amenably based on slack water as one can see and experience as well.  The only reason for the usage of slack water technology could have been that it requires less time and less workers as well and since, it is a military monument, one could surely understand the need for such expedition.


However, it was never used for military purposes, that is, and now, it remains as a bearer of a pretty good adventure.

Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Meditation is somehow perhaps the most ideal of one’s relaxing activities to which one may pursue for a number of purposes other than just to achieve relaxation. When on a tour, the most preferable requisition may be the tourist’s hide-out, particularly which he looks for in terms of an exotic spa.


Thailand’s own typical hide-out may have the best and the classic spa with fully separated yoga classes which are customer friendly and approved to be quite affordable.

This typical hide-out may have a list of atypical stuff in it with a perfect landscape ahead as the bay of Phang Nga reluctantly streams ahead of it. However, the Andaman Sea may overlook it and it may cast an impression of a floating meditating spot which may be easily adhered to. The spa is unfortunately ranked as the third one of the amenable three spas in the entire place, but the reviews that the spas get may be considered as the only thing that enlightens its typical recluse.


Yoga definitely embarks flexibility in the body and may engage the spirit into a pure tone of relaxation. Perhaps, this spa will be considered the best of all Asia according to the customer’s reviews of which many were in favour of the yoga classes and the exotic spa accentuated with the steam room.

The yoga classes offer packages and majority of them focus on vinsaya flow yoga which influences and nurtures a productive, rhythmic flow in the performer. However, the view of the tropical island may also have a lot to offer which may also involve the pranayama which in turn brings the meditation bug back in the body.

The yoga classes provided here at the resort are equipped within all packages and may seem like a complete turnout from a job for anyone who seeks utmost tranquility and peace.