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Physiotherapy Can Provide a Fresh Start for Senior Citizens

As we age, it can become more and more difficult to perform the regular actions of daily living. Simple tasks like getting in and out of bed, walking up and down stairs, and bending over for things can become challenging and/or painful to execute.

The declines that accompany aging affect all of us, no matter what our status. However, there are ways to reduce its negative effects and help us retain the abilities we do still have. That is where physiotherapy comes into play for senior citizens. While physio benefits people of all ages, it can be of particular help to those in their golden years.

Pain Reduction

As we age, regular physical activity is crucial for helping us retain our mobility and balance. However, some seniors suffer from conditions that make even walking a chore. That loss of movement can cause painful muscle cramping that physio can help to reduce. Also, the discomfort and limitations caused by arthritis can be partially alleviated with physiotherapy.

Ultrasound and acupuncture are two other pain relief methods that are easily performed and provide no discomfort for the client.

Fall Recovery

Falling can be especially dangerous for seniors, due to bone deterioration. When it does happen, physio is often required to help with pain management and the regaining of movement and balance. While this can be a lengthy process, the results obtained from physio can make a huge difference in getting the person back to where they were before.

Core Strengthening

The stronger your core, the better you are able to maintain balance and strength, making normal movements easy and pain free. The physio will usually help clients perform exercises that activate their abdominal muscles, a great way to increase core strength.

Massage Therapy

Frequently used in conjunction with physical retraining, massage therapists help to ease muscle cramping and strain that results from both a sedentary lifestyle and the attempt to regain abilities following an accident.

Here is a video showing how a physiotherapist from a home care agency can help a client maintain her abililities: