5 Cool Container Homes!

The biggest trend in design right now is smaller.  Smaller and more compact homes are easier to maintain, cost less and can be moved to any location you would like.  Buy a new property in Oregon and want a nice place to put on it?  Container homes have been the answer for many!  For that reason we would love to feature some of the coolest ones we have found.

This modern container house by JENDRETZKI LLC is located in Santa Monica.  It appears the designers have used 2 large containers to create this oasis where the windows at the front open up to a beautiful view.

Inside they’ve kept it simple with a light palate and retro furnishings.

The Workshop 308’s container house has a more rustic outside, but a very functional interior.  We love that they’ve kept the original look of the container while giving it some more additions like the wood feature wall and roof inside.

This container could be the perfect cottage, but also a home for some lucky family!

False Bay Writer’s Cabin in San Juan Island, Washington by Olson Kundig Architects is one of the prettiest container homes I’ve seen because it keeps the integrity of the container while transforming the space into a refuge for their client.

The coolest part? The deck folds up to protect the whole structure when it’s not being used.


THE RANCH DOUBLE CUBE PopUP HOUSE consists of two PopUP Cubes beneath a House Port. One PopUP Cube includes the kitchen, open dining/living area, master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. A utility area off the kitchen is perfect for washer dryer/storage.

The Second PopUP Cube includes two bedrooms, sitting/office areas, walk–in closets, and adjoining bathroom.

The House Port is a galvanized metal roof structure that shelters the PopUP House Cubes, operating in much the same way a carport does.

The two cubes beneath the House Port are surrounded by open, covered patio space around and between the structures, creating an open, airy environment.

The Randy Brown Architects have created a beautiful container home that is complete with bridges and underground spaces.

Which one if your favorite?

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