Rideu Canal


Rideu Canal is one of those monuments which have been inaugurated in the 19th century in case of a war with the United States of  America. As history would know it and as UNESCO would call it, it became a world heritage monument and thus, it is now only used for boating purposes.

The Rideu Canal had quite a history implementation, of course. As it was inaugurated in the peak war season, no one would have thought that the Canal’s beauty would still be restored and yet, a canal which was used as an escape barrier would be now considered as hallmark of fame and beauty.

The flight of eight locks at Ottawa Lockstation is the largest flight on the Rideau Canal.


The Rideu Canal is situated in Ottawa where water flows from the latter and the lake of Ontario as waterfalls keenly join together. It is as imagined, a beautiful sight and people would still consider to go ito the place and seek its historical heritage.

The Rideu Canal as previously mentioned is probably one of those military monuments which has been luckily preserved and has been able to prove its technology. Its technology is amenably based on slack water as one can see and experience as well.  The only reason for the usage of slack water technology could have been that it requires less time and less workers as well and since, it is a military monument, one could surely understand the need for such expedition.


However, it was never used for military purposes, that is, and now, it remains as a bearer of a pretty good adventure.

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