An Bang Beach, Vietnam – Discover This Spectacular Asian Destination

An Bang Beach was voted as one of the world’s top 50 beautiful beaches; and the award was definitely fitting as this Vietnam destination offers long seaside, white-sandy beaches and gentle waves.

An Bang Beach

An Bang Beach Location


An Bang beach is ideally located near the Hoi An’s former trading port and is situated on the South China Sea coast and in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. An Bang Beach is part of the ancient town of Hoi An, which was a recognized World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. History has it that this town used to be the largest Southeast Asian harbor in the first century.

When is the Best Time to Visit An Bang Beach


Just like the rest of Vietnam, Hoi An has tropical climate and it means that the months of May up to August could be ideal to visit as the weather will be mild and calm. This also means that the sea is definitely calm while the wind comes from the south.

Months of February up to April cover the dry season and the temperature is warmer with lost of glorious sunshine. This means that during these months, you can expect the beach and the rest of the town to be a little crowded with both tourists and locals.

Aside from enjoying the cool waters and the white sandy beaches of the An Bang Beach, there are other things to do in Vietnam like sampling the fresh seafood dishes. You can start your Hoi An experience by exploring the town and then taking the much need break at the beach.

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