At the heart of the Balkans – Republic of Macedonia

At the center of the Balkans is the Republic of Macedonia, it location is a very strategic one and because of this many important roads have passed through the country, many civilization have left the marks on the land. The Republic of Macedonia has been under Ottoman occupation for 5 centuries and the Turkish influence can be easily seen, influences and remains from the Byzantine Empire, Roman and ancient Macedonian time can also be seen throughout the country.


This is a small country found in a mountainous terrain with many hills and plains beneath, many rivers flow and several lakes are there to be visited. The three most popular lakes are the freshwater lakes of Prespa and Ohrid and the third and smallest the lake at the region of Dojran, where the waters are healing and there are natural mud bath spots too. Lake Ohrid is most popular for its clear waters and beautiful turquoise colors, and for the many beaches, it is also most visited tourist location in the country. The region of Prespa and the lake Prespa are also one of the tourist favorite spots in the country; there are many small villages in Prespa where locals offer accommodation and traditional food.

There are many mountains in the country, at the western part of the country is the Sar Mountain, there are ski centers and many paths to go hiking here, here you can see the herds of sheep and try the delicious dairy products of the region. Further down south is the city of Bitola, it is an old city with many cultural influences and beautiful architecture, the city is very lively and the night life is always active. By the city of Bitola are the remains of the ancient city Heraclea Lyncestis. There are many ancient remains and most of them are located near the present cities.


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