Beautiful Jolie Spotted in Hawaii for Her Latest Film ‘Unbroken’


It seems that Angelina Jolie never wants to give up, despite of health problems that she was just experiencing. After attending several red carpet events together with Brad Pitt for her latest movie, World War Z in London, Paris and Berlin, she was pictured by photographers while spending her time in Oahu for her next movie, Unbroken. She seemed enjoy the beauty of Hawaiian sun while protecting herself with broad fedora and a pair of sunglasses. Surely, nobody doubts her beauty though she is far from even light make up.

Visiting Hawaii with bother her sons, Maddox (11) and Pax (9), she arrived with bright smile as many airport visitors did not want to miss a glance on this beautiful brunette. ‘Unbroken’ will be her directorial movie and she will spend some times for directing this movie in Hawaii. Her arrival in Hawaii in wearing simple black camisole seems to show all women to be proud of herself.

It is known very well that Jolie was just undergone double mastectomy and now she performed perfectly despite of the preventative surgery. She kept saying that she never feel ‘less of a woman’ and even she feels much better though there is still tiny scars beside her right armpit. She underwent medical procedures for three months and she has proven that she is perfectly healthy.

Jolie remains active as representatives for social organizations like UNHCR Special Envoy. She was one criticizing the UN Security Council due to so many rapes on conflict areas. Jolie insisted that UN Security Council is not powerful enough in preventing this horrible crime. She kept urging the council for meeting its commitments, debating this issue until there is a significant solution. “People in the conflict areas should be mobilized for the best efforts of foreign policy,” she continued.

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