Belgian chocolate

If you are going on a visit in one of the most important political countries of the European Union, Belgium than you should surely visit some of the chocolate stores there and try the unique and very tasteful treats. Although Switzerland and Austria are probably better known than Belgium when it comes to the chocolate business, in Belgium it has always been about quality and perfection. Belgium chocolate has raised the standards of quality in chocolate and it is an example of a great product.


Belgium chocolate has been produced centuries back and it has been developed and its quality has been improved for centuries. Today there are many small shops that are still producing chocolate by the original old recipes and made by hand, it is this establishment that are very popular and frequently visited by tourists. Belgian chocolate, same as wine in many countries and cheese in France or Holland, can be tasted at special chocolate tours that include several shops and more types of chocolate.

The chocolate shops in Belgium are especially famous for the pralines; pralines are filled with various creams or nougats, including hazelnut, coffee, some fruit taste or chocolate. Today there are many chocolate companies that are specialized in pralines and they are well – known worldwide, such are Leonida, Neuhaus, Nirvana, Godiva etc. There are actually over 2000 small and large companies operating in the chocolate business in Belgium today. In Brussels there are more than one chocolate museum where you can go and learn about the history of the chocolate and the process of making it, you can also by souvenirs. Walking tours are organized and start at several popular spots in the city and will take you to the most popular and important chocolate locations.

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