Best Cancelled TV Shows

Every year the television industry airs hundreds of original series. Networks spend top dollar for big talent and exotic locations in hopes of landing the next Game Of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Despite all of this, at least half of the shows airing this year will disappear by next year. So what’s really going on?

First off, networks are having a hard time competing with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. As well, with all of the great TV shows available people don’t have enough time to watch the endless amounts of programming. So, it really isn’t a matter of quality but quantity.

Has the ‘golden age’ of television come and gone? If so, we thought we would take a walk down memory lane and review the best TV shows canceled before their time was up. Here are some of the biggest television upsets of all time…


Firefly created by writer and directed Joss Whedon, is by far one of the biggest TV upsets of all time. The sci-fi series was set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in the newly discovered star system and follows the renegade troupe of the Serenity spacecraft. Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk were among the cast of the series that only lasted 14 episodes. Despite it’s short run, Firefly remains one of the most popular sci-fi television shows of all time.

Arrested Development  

Arrested Development is an American sitcom created by Michael Hurwitz and led by Jason Bateman. The first three seasons of this series aired on FOX. The comedy premiered in November of 2003 and was cancelled in February of 2006. In 2013, Netflix announced that it would be bringing Arrested Development back for a fourth season. More recently, there have been talks of Netflix bringing the critically acclaimed show back for a fifth and final season.

Freaks and Geeks  

Freaks and Geeks helped launch the careers of some of the most well-known actors in comedy today. James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jason Segel all got their start on the show. The series was created by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow served as the executive producer. Freaks and Geeks ran from 1999-2000 and was cancelled after only twelve episodes had aired.

Pushing Daises  

Pushing Daises was an American fantasy comedy-drama created by Bryan Fuller. The show ran from October 2007, to June 2009 on ABC. The series surrounded Ned, a pie-maker with the ability to being dead things back to life with his touch. The cast included Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Chi McBride and Kristin Chenworth.

Veronica Mars 

Finally, Veronica Mars followed the life of a teenage private detective of the same name. The American mystery-drama series was created by screenwriter Rob Thomas and starred Kristen Bell as the titled character. The series aired on UPN (now The CW) from September 2004 to May 2007, being cancelled after three seasons. Veronica Mars was critically acclaimed and fans were devastated when the show ended. In 2014, after running a successful Kickstarter campaign the cast returned for a movie picking up where the show left off.



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