Best Travel Apps Of 2017

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to start planning for some adventure! We’ve entered a new age of travel and you can plan an entire trip right from your phone. For the digital-savvy traveller there are thousands of apps to help with planning and execution. But choosing the right apps to help navigate your travels can be overwhelming. And so, we have compiled a list of the top five travel apps of 2017!


A great flight search app should be at the top of any travellers must-have travel apps. Airfarewatchdog (yes, it’s all one word) is a free flight search app for i0S. This app claims to be the only airfare listing and flight search app that lists fares on all airlines. Get alerts right to your phone on cheap flights to your favourite cities at the lowest prices. Airfarewatchdog will also send you alerts on the best fares from your home city to a wide variety of destinations, just in case you’re looking for a spontaneous trip.

Guides by Lonely Planet 

Lonely Planet guides are another must-have free app for travelling. To avoid using mounds of data, you can download these guides before hitting the street. Lonely Planet guides are well-known for their budget friendly travel recommendations and amazing sightseeing suggestions.


Often times, language barriers can cause a lot of stress when planning a trip to a foreign country. Duolingo is a free and incredibly designed language learning app. Using this app is a fun way to get the basics, or brush up on your grammar and vocabulary. Duolingo is the most user-friendly app in preparing your vocabulary for a trip abroad.

Café Wifi 

Using data during a trip abroad can be very expensive and finding wifi hotspots can be a pain. Café Wifi is an app that maps out local cafes and wifi hotspots for users.


Sidekix is a city exploration app that offers downloadable guides and recommends local hot spots. Think of this app as a cross between Google Maps and Yelp, it uses GPS-technology to help users navigate and recommends hot spots along the way. The only drawback is that this app operates off of data, which can be costly for travellers on a budget.

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