Bitola the Juwel of Macedonia

Bitola - centre

Bitola is a city situated in the southwest part of Macedonia. It is also known as the city of consuls because here you can find many of the consulates from all around the world. Bitola is the third biggest city in Macedonia.
In Bitola you can find many attractions and places to visit. One of the most interesting things is the ancient city called Heraclea, it is believed that in this ancient city was raised Philip the second, who was a father of Alexander III the Macedon. In Heraclea you can find many ancient buildings and amazing mosaics.

Other interesting places in Bitola are the covered bazaar called Bezisten. It is believed that was built in the 16th century. Today’s Bezisten is almost the same as it was few centuries ago and has 86 shops and 4 big iron gates.

                Now we can speak about one of the most interesting places and buildings that you can visit and that is of course the Clock Tower. It is not really known when this clock was built but it is believed that originates somewhere from the 16th century. Other say that it was built at the same time with the church St.Dimitria that was built in 1830. According to the legend, the tower was built by the ottomans and it was built with eggs and stones. The tower has a square shape and it is tall about 30 meters. This tower is the biggest symbol for Bitola and it is located in the center of the city, or in the middle of the central city park.

And the last thing that must be mentioned about Bitola is the street called “Marshal Tito” better known as “ShirokSokak”. It is the most frequent street in Bitola. In the past was made for cars, but today is only for pedestrians. It is full with coffee shops and boutiques. This street starts from the park where the clock tower is located and ends at the beginning of the other park in Bitola.

                Bitola has many treasures and it is a must visit place in Macedonia.

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