Can I Eat Junk Food in Moderation?

You don’t have to be a news junkie to know that the government and various scientists are constantly warning us about the dangers of junk food. And really, aside from very specific data, we should already realize that a diet of soda, red meat, and greasy fries is not doing us any good.

However, what about moderation? If you only drink once in a while, that doesn’t make you an alcoholic, right? What about, say, only having Kentucky Fried Chicken and a chocolate sundae only once a week? Would my health still be fine if I exercised that type of self-control on a regular basis?

Empty Calories

Junk food is considered to be empty calories: food that provides calories for you, but have few, if any, beneficial effects for your body. The amount of recommended empty calories varies from 120-330 per day, depending on age and gender. Generally, the older you are, and if you are male, you are allotted more empty calories. However, that limits goes up with the amount of exercise you do. In other words, the more exercise you do, the more potato chips you can have.

Health Issues

The more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to gain weight, develop diabetes, have a heart attack or stroke, etc. So, in general, if you really wish to avoid serious health problems, you should try to keep your junk food consumption as close to zero as possible. If you want to consume a bit of junk food, the odds of health issues rises.


By this, we don’t mean cheat on your diet by having nothing but junk. We mean mixing junk and healthy choices together. For example, if you really must eat a bag of potato chips, wash them down with a glass of water, rather than a can of soda.

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