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What to see when in Moscow


Moscow is one of the largest cities on the Euro Asian Continent and it is a city worth visiting, Moscow offers many beautiful sites and places to go, it has grandiose architecture and great culture. The Kremlin, Tretyakov gallery, Bolshoi Ballet and Pushkin State Museum are some of the most popular places you can go and visit.

The Kremlin is famous and important historic complex, located in the heart of the city. This area is probably the most visited area in Moscow because of the many tourist spots here, such as The Red Square and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Alexander Garden, on the southern side of the fort is the river Moskva. Today Kremlin is the official residence of the president. Other very popular and wonderful building on the Red Square is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, it is building representing fire that goes to the skies, the building is colorful and an unforgettable sight. Once you have seen the main attractions on the Red Square, you can go in the park Alexander Garden and rest by the three beautiful gardens here.

13 - State Departmental Store - Moscow

Moscow is one of the fanciest cities in Europe; there are many establishments, such as bars and restaurants, hotels, cinemas, art galleries, concert halls and museums and many more. Moscow offers from very affordable and plain to very luxurious and expensive establishments. You can go and visit the two biggest shopping malls in the city GUM and TSUM. GUM is at the Red Square, while Tsum is near the Karl Marx Place. As in the whole Moscow, here you can see and shop the latest fashion, while the interior of the shopping malls will give you pleasurable experience. Here you can rest in some of the cafes and enjoy the splendor and beauty of the Russian fanciness.

The Motorcycle Tour Holiday Checklist

There is something special about motorcycle trips across the country that makes every adventure enthusiast want to try it out. Maybe, it is the freedom of exploring new places. Maybe, it is the lure of spending time in solitude. Maybe, it is the overall thrill you get when you venture out to obscure pathways, dirt roads, and slushy terrain. Or maybe, it is just that you love biking around.

motorcycling tour

Whatever your motivation is, make sure you keep the following five considerations in mind before you go:

#1: Motorcycle Overhauls

A healthy bike does not pester you through your journey. Thus, make sure you repair and carry out a myriad of service checks on your bike before you start. Make sure your tires are inflated. Make sure the battery is charged to its maximum potential. Fill your gas tanks and check for fluid levels. Moreover, if you find dents, bruises, and other cosmetic damages, get it checked by a serviceman to ensure there is no hidden fault. You may want to check if your indicators and lights are working too.

#2: Insurance Coverage

While most bike insurances cover motorcycle tours and journeys, it is mandatory for you to consult with your insurance agency to verify the coverage statistics. Many countries in Europe (particularly those in the Euro Zone) allow you to drive freely from one country to another. However, there are a few countries, like France, that require you to have all your documentation verified before you enter them. Thus, ensure you have your insurance papers with you on the go.

#3: Light Packing

The light packers will only need maybe a bed roll, a couple of cigars and a change of clothing for a 3000 mile road trip. The heavier packers will need a truck to carry their stuff en route. Most of us fall somewhere in between. Pack light.

#4: Get Trained

Join a fitness club or practice driving longer distances until you feel you’re ready to go. Many motorcyclists claim to have spent years trying to develop fitness, skill, dexterity and panache that helped them go to some of the world’s most dangerous motorbike trips alone. You should try them too. Realistically ask yourself what kind of a rider you are. If you are a rookie, you will need a couple of driving lessons, short 50 mile excursions to boost your confidence and might want to travel with a set of experienced motorcyclists. On the other hand, people with years of tour experience just set off (sometimes with no plan in mind). Make sure you train yourself well before you set out on your bike.

#5: Expect Adventure

There are colourful anecdotes about motorcyclists losing their GPS systems during a tour and yet, finding their way through tricky terrain. You ride through rain, you get injured, you feel numbing cold, or you escape from a lethal crash. You can find much more information on this subject including safety tips, money saving deals and more on Motorcycle News.

There are many other considerations you’ll have to remember as you get ready for your bike voyage across Europe. Would you like to add some to our list? We’d love to know what you have in mind.

Happy biking!