Coral Coast in Fiji the Famous Tourist Attraction-Enjoy its Tradition and Culture

If it is lovely beaches you are seeking, you can find them almost everywhere in the world. But if it is great beaches in a place where tradition and culture are equally highlighted as the scenery that you are looking for, then Coral Coast in Fiji is the best answer for you. This magical place is simple one of the most sough-after tourist destinations in Fiji, and probably in the world as well.


The Most Beautiful Beaches on Viti Levu

There is no doubt that Coral Coast beaches are the most beautiful ones on Vitu Levu. There is a coral reef running the whole length of the beach effectively producing shallow shelf before perfectly and abruptly dropping into the deep blue waters of the South Pacific.


Bull sharks

Great Resorts Close to the Beaches

The best thing about the Coral Coast is that it offers magnificent resorts and comfortable accommodations that are perfectly situated directly on the beachfront. Some of the most popular names in accommodations in this place include; Warwick, Outrigger and Shangri La.

Therefore, if you are thinking of visiting this place and enjoying its heavenly offerings, you wouldn’t need to worry about your accommodations. The resorts are just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent beaches and the magical blue waters.

Aside from the famous hotels and affordable resorts that lined ideally along Queens Road, there are also floating bars and other scenic sites to go to. You can try visiting the Sigatoka dunes or the Tavuni Fort that offers an enlightening insight into the wartime past of Fiji.

Coral Coast in Fiji runs from the Korotogo and then the Pacific Harbor and its best stretch surrounds Korolevu. One of the most popular sports activities here is diving in the Beqa Lagoon.

Therefore, if you are into dicing and other water sports, you should miss the chance to come and experience Fiji’s wonderful Coral Coast beaches.


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