Discover the Coast of Argentina

Argentina is 2nd largest country in Latin America as well as South America region.  The country is famous for its beautiful coast that stretches very long. The country offers countless opportunities for cool and fun activities to all the visitors who are visiting the country from all parts of the world.

Tierra del Fuego National Park

It is the most amazing place to visit; it is located on east-coast of Argentina which is also located southern side of South America which is also end of the globe.  This amazing National Park also offers many other outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes and also offers astounding wildlife.  Visitors have many things to explore on the coast of Argentina.


Stroll with Penguins

Walk with Penguins, isn’t it cool!! Yes it is the coolest things that one can do when you visit the Shore of Argentina. Visit the Penguins colony at Patagonia region. Punto Tombo is the best spot to view penguins and the area is also filled with huge colony of different type of penguins called Magellanic penguins. Visit this awe-inspiring place and love the Mother Nature’s beauty.


South America best sights

You can take tour, and book a terrific and planned tour to Tierra del Fuego National Par through the tour operators like Compa Tuismo or Ripio Turismo. You can also make arrangements for three day trip to National Park where you can also get a bus from Ushuaia and get accommodation in beautiful lodgings that are available inside the National Park.

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