Entertainment in Oslo


Far north on the Scandinavian Peninsula is the capital city of the Kingdom of Norway, Oslo. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with many architectural sights to see and many museums displaying the life and the tradition of the old Norse people and the Viking culture. But also is also one of the most cultural cities on the Scandinavian Peninsula and it offers many fancy establishments to visit and many things to do.

There is diverse nightlife and various establishments to visit in Oslo, the Oslo Opera House is great for those who enjoy opera, ballet and concerts, the building itself is a popular attraction. Another popular building and a tourist site that also offers entertainment is the National theatre, it is Baroque – style building where you can buy a ticket and see a play. The National theatre is also host building to many art paintings from famous Norwegian painters and seeing these paintings comes free with the ticket.


There is a huge selection of restaurants, bars and clubs in the city from quiet places where you can enjoy and rest, cocktail bars and places where you can dance until the morning to rock and metal clubs. Festivals are also very popular in Oslo; they are a way to combine entertainment and culture, especially during the summer months many festivals take place in Oslo. Most of the festivals are held at an old public park in central Oslo it is on a high hill. In Oslo jazz music is especially popular and there are many festivals and concerts where you can hear this musical style.

Norwegians enjoy wandering, so picnics in the park and hiking in the hills are one of their favorite things to do, it is a good way to relax but also explore and see the surrounding.

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