Finding Nature-Friendly Travel Destinations

We have been working hard for the whole year and our once-in-a year holiday should be the one which can bring total relaxation to our body and mind. This is the time to get back to nature. Nature has given us endless beauty until people ruin it with their brick and mortar developments. Let’s forget on the excitement of shopping at giant department stores. This time, let’s take a look at our surroundings so that we will love our nature more and have strong courage to preserve it.


1st Destination: Kenya

Kenya’s wildlife always takes everyone’s breath away and you will feel the same when you visit this place. It is the comfortable home for those endangered species like elephants or lions though Kenya also hosts so many amazing natural places like beaches, forests, lakes, and surely deserts. There are also mountains to explore as all of them have such distinctive ecosystem. Everyone who wants to try a dazzling experience in diving along those magnificent coral reefs will find out that Kenya is truly a heaven on earth.


2nd Destination: Costa Rica

This place is able to maintain its ecotourism aspects, thanks to the strong efforts from the government and citizens in maintaining the ecosystem of rain forests, beaches with those majesty black sands and excellent mountains to conquer. Costa Rica is always the heaven of nature lovers and true adventurers. Costa Rica is also the best place to dwell for those extinct creatures like jaguars, crocodiles, some species of monkeys and sea turtles.


3rd Destination: The Great Barrier Reef

This is one of the best destinations in the world which becomes the symbol of the best ecosystem in Australia. Unfortunately, there is a significant rising temperatures of water because of wild fishing and other illegal exploration which have jeopardized those corals.

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