Should Foreigners Forego Traveling to the United States?

Donald Trump’s presidency has been very polarizing and one of the issues receiving the most coverage is the Muslim travel ban. At first, the administration tried to camouflage the true reasons behind this proposal, but the president later flat out admitted it. Was this was an accident? Another example of Trump throwing his associates under the bus? Trump’s indisputable status as a pathological liar? Who knows at this point?

What is very clear is that the travel ban is extremely prejudicial and will likely not be effective (it doesn’t even target countries where Trump has business ties – gee, imagine that?). It is currently held up in the U.S. courts and appears to be a non-starter. Regardless, the fact that this administration considers it to be both a sensible and desirable policy is appalling. If you cannot vote in the United States, what can you do?

Foreign travel represents a huge source of income for America. In 2014 alone, almost 75 million foreigners visited the country. That is a huge number of hotel rooms, car rentals, restaurant visits, souvenir purchases, and related activities. No, you cannot help to vote Trump and his band of bigots out of office, but you can still vote with your wallet.

Quite simply, take your holiday this year somewhere else. Have you always wanted to visit Europe, but never got around to it? Book a flight to Florence instead of Florida. Skip Texas and visit Tokyo. Pass on Michigan and go to Madrid. Encourage your friends and relatives to follow suit and make their reasons known.

If you do decide to visit America in the next four years, stick to progressive states that rejected Trump: New York, California, New Mexico, Minnesota, Colorado, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois…these are all wonderful places to visit. Don’t feel powerless in the face of Trump. Do your part to help make his presidency untenable.

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