Golden Buddha Beach Resort

Meditation is somehow perhaps the most ideal of one’s relaxing activities to which one may pursue for a number of purposes other than just to achieve relaxation. When on a tour, the most preferable requisition may be the tourist’s hide-out, particularly which he looks for in terms of an exotic spa.


Thailand’s own typical hide-out may have the best and the classic spa with fully separated yoga classes which are customer friendly and approved to be quite affordable.

This typical hide-out may have a list of atypical stuff in it with a perfect landscape ahead as the bay of Phang Nga reluctantly streams ahead of it. However, the Andaman Sea may overlook it and it may cast an impression of a floating meditating spot which may be easily adhered to. The spa is unfortunately ranked as the third one of the amenable three spas in the entire place, but the reviews that the spas get may be considered as the only thing that enlightens its typical recluse.


Yoga definitely embarks flexibility in the body and may engage the spirit into a pure tone of relaxation. Perhaps, this spa will be considered the best of all Asia according to the customer’s reviews of which many were in favour of the yoga classes and the exotic spa accentuated with the steam room.

The yoga classes offer packages and majority of them focus on vinsaya flow yoga which influences and nurtures a productive, rhythmic flow in the performer. However, the view of the tropical island may also have a lot to offer which may also involve the pranayama which in turn brings the meditation bug back in the body.

The yoga classes provided here at the resort are equipped within all packages and may seem like a complete turnout from a job for anyone who seeks utmost tranquility and peace.

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