Honeymoon Criteria

A Honeymoon is such a great and memorable time for couples to celebrate there marriage. They are free from the duties of family and work and it’s their time to have fun. It is important to select a good place for the honeymoon as you just have one chance at it. Here is a listing of the top five honeymoon destinations in the United States to choose from.

Whenever we talk about weddings, vacations and honeymoons, Hawaii comes to mind. Why would not it? It has part of the world’s most beautiful locations. The water is beautiful and the beaches are fabulous. The scenery is breathtaking. The best time to visit Hawaii is September, October, April or May. Hawaii has so many great resorts which include some all inclusive resorts that would be perfect for the couple taking a Honeymoon.

The Best Part Of Honeymoon

When we talk about having fun, Las Vegas comes to mind. Many wedding events take place in this city and the entertainment never stops. The food is great too. Las Vegas possesses part of the world’s best casinos and restaurants. The place is seldom quiet during the peak season. If you desire a peaceful place to enjoy your honeymoon, go to Las Vegas in the off season. The couple looking for an exciting, action-filled honeymoon should look at different hotels in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is either of the best honeymoon destinations in the US due to its world-class entertainment and dining facilities. If you love card games like poker, Las Vegas is the place to be, due to the numerous casinos it houses. An important attraction in Las Vegas is the Mirage Volcano which starts operating at dusk and continues till about 11 at night. Other attractions include King Tut’s Museum and Las Vegas Boulevard Strip.

There are so many world class hotels located in this city and there’s so many attractions. You will have fun walking and exploring the city. Do not forget to visit places like the Empire State Building, Times Square, Park Avenue, Madison, and Lincoln Center. You can indulge in many romantic activities during your stay. There are many affordable deals available as well. A honeymoon in New York can be what you want to make it. When thinking of United States honeymoon destinations, New York should be towards the top of any list.

It goes without saying that California has so much left to offer to the newlyweds. There are wine orchards, beaches and so much other choices for great fun in California. One honeymoon option would be to visit Golden Gate Park. It houses a beautiful rose garden with lakes. Golden Gate Bridge is another must visit place. The state of California has so many choices for a great honeymoon. Think about what’s important to you and your partner and pick the vacation destination in California that fits your needs.

This beach is set in South Carolina. The weather is great in this field so you can get a good time fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling here. This place ranks in the top Honeymoon destinations in the US. The great part about this honeymoon destination is that you can get some good deals. A cheap honeymoon is necessary for many and when travelling in the United States, Myrtle Beach is fabulous and yet affordable.

There are so many great choices for honeymoon destination spots in the United States. When choosing your honeymoon make sure to do some research. Trip Advisor website always has great reviews of different resorts so make sure to check them out. Taking a great honeymoon in the United States can be fun, relaxing and affordable.

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