Loango National Park in Gabonese Republic

Going to Central Africa will take you to one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Loango National Park. The beauty of this place is almost beyond compare, sadly though it does not receive much recognition from the world. Not much tourist also get to see this perfect place; but in a way though being isolated only adds to the charm of this park.


Natural Haven for the Wildlife

Loango, the town itself, is a beautiful place. But the park is really something else. It is home to some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. This is where you can watch the elephants eat from trees planted on edges of the jungle that ideally overlook wide empty hazy white beaches.

Here, you will also enjoy seeing the hippos, as they are creatures that are certainly hard to miss. Watch these huge animals claim their territories by chasing all the other animals away. The adventure will give you a first hand National Geographic-like experience. Other wild animals to watch and photograph include water buffalos, river hogs, leopards, lowland gorillas and several monkey varieties.

Of course jungles and forest will not be complete without trees and wild plants. This park is not any different as going through will give you the chance to see different plants and trees, many of which have significant spiritual importance for the local people. There are edible fruits as well like red berry-like fruits and wild guava, which visitors can try.

The Loango National Park is actually just one of the many Gabon national parks and it offers a magical abundance of wildlife and untouched habitat.





The History of Loango Park

The Loango National Park came into existence in 1956 when the faunal reserves were first established. The reserves were mainly meant for promoting sustainability of the land and the animals in the area. Later in 2002, authorities put into map 13 new parks, which together with the Loango National Park, covered over 10% of the total land area in Gabon. The area around the park is devoid of people as many were resettled by the government.

When looking for a place to see the surfing hippos and various varieties of dolphins and whales, the Loango National Park may offer the best solution. Here, visitors can also enjoy other activities like swimming and hunting with the local people around the Loango Park.


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