Next Time, Leave the Plane and Take the Train

Airplanes are the preferred mode of transportation these days, but I use the word “preferred” in the sense that flying is the fastest way to get somewhere. There are so many downsides to flying, from the cost to the hassle to the cramped conditions to the terrible behaviour of other passengers.

I want my next trip to be the one that finally introduces me to parts of Canada I have never seen. To do that, I’m going to give VIA Rail a call.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a train instead for your next holiday:

  • Scenery. Plane trips are too short to enjoy the view and the view is usually just a lot of clouds that look the same anyway.
  • Price. Rail fare is much cheaper and that leaves you with more money to spend on fun things on your trip (or you could just leave more in the bank).
  • No airport security. I’m sure there have been instances of train hijackings, but I can’t think of any offhand. No one misses going through airport security. No one.
  • Bring your own food and beverages. Train station prices are usually nowhere near as bad as stores at airports. You can also just bring along your own food and drink (within reason – don’t show up with an XL pizza).
  • More room and more comfort. While trains can vary, chances are your seat provides more leg room and overall comfort that you will likely get from your plane seat.
  • Get up and move. Unless the train is packed, you can always get up and change seats to avoid annoying pests. Rarely can you do that in the air.
  • Your luggage will almost certainly arrive with you. Wouldn’t that be nice? How often do you hear about bags getting lost during train travel?

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