Pets and Mental Health

Does your pet bring great joy into your life? Does it help you make it through the day or achieve a sense of a calm at night? Do you love your cat or dog so much that you can’t wait to get home and play with them? Pets are family for many of us and we grow to love them dearly. Simply put, they are a very important part of our lives. Domestic animals can also be very helpful when it comes to helping people maintain their mental health.

Exercise and Socialization

Depending on what type of pet you have, you will have to go outside to take them for walks. Many people suffering from anxiety and depression often cocoon themselves in their home; having a pet ensures that they will go outside a few times a day.

Going for walks with a dog also increases the chances of socialization. Pet owners will often greet and spend time talking with each other. This can lead to new friendships and support systems. It can also make the affected person feel more confident about themselves and their ability to converse and benefit from company.

Stress Reduction

Your cat probably drives you crazy at times, but they possess that magic weapon that makes you forgive and forget: purring. When cats turn up their engines, it can be a great stress reducer, as can cuddling with your pet. Soft, fluffy, and warm is an excellent combination when it comes to stress reduction. Some people even sleep better when their pet is close by in bed.

Reduce Loneliness

People with mental health problems often wall themselves off from the rest of the world out of a sense of shame. While they are working through this challenge, having a pet can often keep them company and better able to fend off attacks of loneliness.



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