Plan a Vacation to Magnetic Island Reef Region in Australia

Visiting Australia does not necessarily mean seeing the Sydney Opera House or having a close encounter with the koalas and the kangaroos. There are more to Australia than that. If you are heading north, one of your best options for exciting adventure could be the Magnetic Island. This island is unique in a sense that it is the only one of its kind in the coast of North Queensland that possesses a wonderful fusion of untouched National Park, 2500 residents and several holiday resorts.


An Island of Unspoiled Beauty

If you have never been to the Magnetic Island or you have not had the opportunity to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef, this is about time to go and have that wonderful new experience. This island is just 20 minutes away from the northern capital of Queensland, Townsville. The exciting thing about it is that despite the fact that Townsville offers everything that a modern capital has, reaching the island is like entering a new world. A world more expected to be seen in far away lands.

Tropical Lifestyle to the Max

Those who have experienced the charm and beauty of Magnetic Island have attested that this is definitely an island like no other. It offers the most ideal tropical lifestyle where everyone can be lazy, relaxed and comfortable, while the rest of the world hurries to and fro.

Magnetic Island is that perfect place where the rocky peninsula meets the sea, and where the secluded beaches were formed. And just imagine, within just 20 minutes you can be easily and quickly transported from a busy capital city into this island paradise.




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