Safety Travel Tips that Every Tourist Should Know


Spending a great holiday time is a great thing but some people may not really know that they have to pay attention on their own safety. This is especially when they have travel abroad. There are some cultural cross understandings that people should really pay attention. The same thing applies to the safety condition of the destination where there are higher rates of crime, especially on third world countries.

When visiting another country, it is better to exchange the currency. There might be some automated teller machines (ATMs) but they will apply high fees on each currency. It is much cheaper to exchange currencies on changers which are mostly available in the airports. We can also save money before reaching our destinations by bringing our own meals, especially when we do not travel too far. Imagine how much we will spend when we have to stop by at a small restaurant with five family members. We can have better culinary adventures on other places after reaching the desired destinations.

In terms of safety factors, it is important for not bringing too much cash on our pockets, especially when we travel to countries where our appearances are much like foreigners. For example, British people who spend holidays on Switzerland do not appear like ‘alien’ and it is different when they visit Asian countries. Keep in mind that people who live in third world countries always think that foreigners are rich people as people on their countries can only spend holidays abroad when they have much money. Beware of pickpocket, as public places are mostly crowded.  It is also recommended for not trusting any person who might offer a help because rates of crimes are getting higher these days. Keep an eye on our kids closely as they can get lost easily on very crowded places.

Do not make those explanations above makes you scared. Just be cautious so you can still enjoy amazing holidays on your desired destinations.

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