Singapore’s Delicious Exploration

Singapore is one of the most visited countries in South East Asia because it has some of the most advanced and recently built attractions in all of Asian countries. It may be a small country, but what it lack in size, it compensates with everything else. It is actually called as Asia’s Life and one can never find a cleaner and more welcoming place like Singapore in Asian region.


Fine Dining and Hawker Centers

Singaporeans are very serious about their food and they take pride in their local cuisines. That is why every visitor can be assured that every restaurant – either for fine dining or street food eating – serve superb food. One thing is definite, no bad restaurant survive in Singapore for long.

Good restaurants are all around this magical city. If you have the funds, you can try the five-star dining options and get to taste the best luxury in taste and service. On the other hand, if you want to really get the taste of Singaporean dishes, you should try eating street food found in hawker centers.

Hawker centers are open-air food courts where everyone has plenty of food options to choose from. Aside from the local dishes, stall owners also prepare Chinese noodles, Indian roti and Malaysian curries. If you are worried about hygiene, you should know that the Singaporean government is very strict when it comes to health and hygiene regulations. This means that no one is expected to be sick from eating in these food courts.

The Best of Singapore Cuisine

Some of the best and must0try Singaporean dishes include: chili crab (considered as a national dish), chicken rice (unofficial national dish), Choy Sum (Chinese vegetable dish), Laksa (fish soup), Char kway teow (rice noddle dish), and the Kaya toast (national breakfast food).


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