Stainless Steel Bbq Plate??

Many people think about grilling on the weekends, but you many not know that you will be able to save money and have much healthier food if you prepare all of your meats on the grill, by cooking ahead for the whole week. Weber BBQ Grills are an excellent choice in outdoor cookware, and come in many models from which one may fit your needs. gas charcoal infrared combo grill.

The base of the grill, also referred to as the cooking box, can be thought of as the foundation. To it you add on until you’ve got a working product. The lid, usually made of heavy duty porcelain on steel, attaches to the cooking box to complete the basic shell of your grill. But without burners and the knobs to control them, you have an empty shell. Multiple burners are a common feature on most grills today. Each burner has its own control knob, enabling you to have very accurate monitoring of the heat source and temperature while cooking.

Stainless Steel Bbq Plate Uncloaked…

For those who’re cost conscious, these Weber grills have all the standard construction as the largest unit, and offer two burners made of stainless steel with easy to clean porcelain cooking grates. The top of this series has a larger cook surface but all units have electronic ignition for fast starting.

Stainless Steel Bbq Plate, Seriously?

The next in line are offered in different colors, and continue to provide the same great quality you expect from Weber. Larger cook surfaces, and three burners with electric start, these grills also have easy clean porcelain grates. All Weber grills are made of the finest quality materials and guaranteed.

Another step up and you’ll have some extra features, such as a lighted grill handle for those times when cooking after individual burner start, dark, and a rack for holding cook tools. These models come if choices of color, and have stainless steel surfaces, with porcelain grates for easy cleaning.

Some people prefer using charcoal, instead of cooking with gas, and for you there are models that have electronic ignition for safe starting. More features include dual purpose thermotstat control, two fuel baskets and more work area for serving plates and tools. All of Weber grills come with easy to remove catch pans that assist in clean up and storage.

For campers and tailgaters there are smaller units that can quickly pack away for taking to the lake or trail hiking. These include the same handy features of the larger units, but in a compact size for portability. It even comes with push button ignition system to eliminate starting frustrations. Going camping was never as much fun, or convenient for cooking as with a Weber portable grill.

If you have limited space and still want the features of a larger grill, there is a model which provides all of that and more, yet is easily accommodated on an apartment balcony or patio. Keep in mind that all of Weber BBQ grills come with porcelain grates for easy cleaning and ignition systems for ease of starting the cook fire. If you’re interested in saving time and money by cooking ahead for the week, then you may be interested in seeing what Weber has to offer.

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