Sweden – one of best European fishing destinations


Whether you are at the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula or at the southern part in Sweden you are always close to your biggest catch. Scandinavian countries can offer various fishing terrains and the possibility to use many techniques. Sweden has less water bodies, such as lakes, than the other Scandinavian countries, but the lakes of Sweden are much larger and the fish potential is greater. With many rivers and runny water Sweden is a wonderful place for all angling enthusiast. There are up to 40 species of fish in the waters and many of them, such as pikes in the lakes and salmon in running waters. In some of the greater cities of the country there are possibilities to fish even in the city itself.

There are almost 100.000 lakes in Sweden, from the lowland lakes in southern to the more rugged ones in the north, the chance to catch something big is great. In the northern part there are many lakes in the woodland, they are very peaceful and calm and offer fantastic atmosphere for a picnic with family and friends, while they still have great fishing potential.

While you are at the northern part of the country you can go river fishing for trout, many major rivers are located here, and the sight of waterfalls and rapids is very common and fantastic. Here you can also observe the glorious northern lights or so called Aurora Borealis. In the south is the famous mountain Morrumsan (Blekinge province) where many rivers are brimming with salmon and trout. At Sweden’s west coast side you can hire a boat and go deep sea fishing for cod and mackerel. This region is also well-known for its seafood, trips on oyster or lobsters fishing are also organized. With all the lakes, rivers, the sea and the fish Sweden is a wonderful place to visit, no matter if you are fisherman or not.


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