Top Three Cheap European Destinations

If you are planning on a European tour but you do not want to go bankrupt at the same time, you should be happy to know there are great yet cheap destinations in Europe.


1.       Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one European nation that is currently undergoing a pre-communist period, which means that it is on a transitional stage. This also means that going here will provide you with the chance to enjoy the sumptuous Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine, magnificent sceneries and stunning seaside resorts without the need to spend too much, as you would in other European countries.

2.       Berlin, Germany

Berlin may be one of the most infamous cities in Europe, but it is still a cheap destination when compared to other key cities. This German city is alive with history – being the epicenter of the Third Reich – in such a way that no other European city is. Despite the history, Berlin is still young because it is full of students and young artists. The best thing about visiting this city is that you get to experience an unpolished culture due to its past.

3.       Turquoise Coast, Turkey

This Turkish destination offers some of the best Mediterranean sights and excitements without having to spend too much as you would do in other locations like the Greek coast and the Italian Riviera. This destination boasts of a magnificent stunning 1,000-mile shoreline that can rival any of rivals its Mediterranean neighbors for exquisiteness, beauty and rich ancient history, but definitely not for the costs.

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