Travel Dining- Learn a Few Tibetan Food Facts

If you have the inclination to visit Tibet, there are a lot of things that you should know first. Tibet can provide a very exhilarating and exciting traveling experience for everyone. It is a place of old customs and traditions and the people here value their rich history so much.


In a way, walking through Tibet could be compared to a pilgrimage as this location can be considered a very sacred land.

Aside from the mountains and the culture of the people of Tibet, food is also something that this land is proud of. Here are some facts that you may need to know about Tibetan food before you embark on your journey.

Tibetans are not necessary vegetarians. They are Buddhists, but they also eat meat. It is difficult to actually raise vegetables in this country. That is why meat, barley and dairy products can be commonly seen served in households.

Tibetans like hot sauce, and they use it on almost anything they eat.

Butter tea or po cha is the common drink in Tibet, which is black tea mixed with salt, butter and milk.

Tibetans also live on rice, highland barley, mutton, chicken, potatoes and carrots. Most of the meals are cooked very greasily and they are very much into the use of seasoning.

Tsampa is Tibetan staple food, which is flour made from roasted barley and is commonly served with butter, sugar, tea and dried cheese. It is very easy to prepare and it is popular as convenience food by travelers because it is easy to carry around. Just mix tsampa with dried cheese, butter and tea, and you have created a refreshing and energetic meal.

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