Visit Lima The City of Kings in Peru for Extravaganza Vacation

Lima in Peru has successfully gotten away from a bad image into a very grandiose one. Years ago, tourists couldn’t get away fast enough from this city, but not, with all the rediscovered glories of the colonial and the ore-conquistador eras, more and more people from all over the world are visiting over and over again.


Fabulous Sunsets

It is said that one of the many beautiful things about Lima is its fabulous sunset considered as one of the most magnificent in the world. One of the reasons for this is because it is ideally located facing west directly across the Pacific, allowing the setting sun to magically flood its rays into the beaches.


Booming Tourism

From the paragliders spiraling the horizon, to the surfers beating the waters, to the bodies lying on the beaches, the scenes in Lima are almost very much Californian. Add the fact that most hotels are world-class and some even have rooftop infinity pools.

This development has been happening to this city in recent years. This is the reason for the undeniable booming tourism.

The City of Kings

Before Lima became a booming tourism city though, it was acknowledged as the City of Kings because it is rich with regal history and legacy brought by the Spanish conquistadores. Fortunately, the forgotten legacy was rediscovered and once again, Lima has been cleaned and restored to show off its colonial gems and other treasures like the cathedrals.

Peru has been very lucky to have missed out on the global recession, and the government was able to remodel the Museo Larco, a place worth visiting because of its galleries of Chimu jewellery in silver and gold that lights up every time visitors approach

If you have always been apprehensive to visit Lima in Peru because of its previous bad image, then there is nothing to worry about anymore. This city has once again claimed its title as the City of Kings, and every visitor will know why.


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