Ostia Antica – One of Rome’s Great Side Trips

Rome is known for its antique ruins and tourists are always drawn to the beauty of ancient life that can be felt when visiting these great primeval sites. Though Rome itself is a great city, some of the best ancient historic ruins can actually be found outside the city limits.



Ostia Antic – Ravaging by pirates

One of the best side trips you can take while touring Rome is visiting Ostia Antica, an ancient site near the beach. This place was actually known as the Harbor City of Rome, and now it is one of the locals’ favorite beach stop-overs.

Before you try lounging on beach and enjoying the water and the sun, it is best to visit the rubble of buildings this side of Pompeii. This ancient city is composed of enchanting apartment ruins that give a magical sense of how the ancient Romans lived. There is also an amphitheater built during Augustus’ regime providing the feel of how the old Romans were entertained.

Ostia Antic the Historical Aspect

The easiest way to get to Ostia Antica from Rome is by local train from the Piramides Station. The ride takes around half an hour and once you get off at the train station in Ostia you need to cross the blue footbridge and walk towards Via della Stazione di Ostia Antica and you will see the ruin entrance to the left.

After visiting the ruins and enjoying the sense of the old Roman life, you can start being a local and hit the beach. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.




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