W National Park in Republic Of Niger

One of the most important national parks in West Africa is the W national park. The park is governed by the Burkina Faso, Benin and Niger. The park was formed through announcement and made a world heritage site by UNESCO. The W national park is surrounded by the country of Niger and listed as the type-II parks.  The park is made up of three major parks that form a great sight for birds.


The Location of W National Park

The park covers an area of over 10,000 square kilometers and has no single human occupation. The area covered by the park was initially a malarial area in the wetlands of the delta occupied by River Mekrou and the Niger River broken down by the hilly rocks. According to the archeological evidences, the area was a habitant area with tombs being present. The W national park is also part of the tiger flowering shrubs of the southern border plateau of Niger.

The Wildlife in W National Park

The w park is well known for being a habitat of large number of mammals like the hippos, the lions, the elephants, buffalo, aardvarks, e, warthogs, leopards, baboons and caracal. The parks is also a home for the few endangered West Africa forest elephants and the West Africa giraffes. Historically, the W national park is remembered for the painted hunting dogs that are now extirpated in the area.

When looking for a place to watch over 350 species of birds, the W Africa national park has them all. It is more famed for the migrating species of birds that come and go depending on the specific season of the year.



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