Weddings in different countries

Even in the oldest times when two persons were getting married their customs and cultures played big role when it was connected with wedding ceremonials. These wedding rituals keep the tradition and as time passes by the families have the chance to celebrate their ancestors, origin and religion.           

In many countries these traditions are ignored, but still there are people who want to celebrate their marriage with some old songs, activities, food right on their wedding day.


There is one symbolic game that is very interesting on Iranian weddings and it is called “Sofreh –ye-Aghd”, it is a collection of objects which are thrown on the floor in a luxury sheet which is often given from mother to daughter.  Two chandeliers are placed on the sheet and they symbolize the bright future of the couple that need to married.


Seven herbs and spices keep the spiritual weal of the bride and the groom, also a copy of the holy book is placed in the middle to bless the couple.


Weddings in Tunis are very interesting, they last for few days. The couple sits on a throne during the ceremony. Even though the customs vary because of the different religions, the bride is always sent by the family and friends with beautiful songs. Often the night before the wedding the bride is dressed in a heavy golden dress on which there are forms of fishes or the hand of Fatma, daughter of Muhammad.


San-San-Kudo is a familiar festivity. During the ceremony called Shinto, the bride and the groom, and the parents drink three sips from three golden goblets. This ritual connects the two families in union.



In the Mexican tradition the couple is bonded with lariat. They are bonded in form of the number eight on their shoulders. In the end of the ceremony the lariat is taken off and is given to the bride, she needs to keep it as an amulet for happy marriage.

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