What to see when in Moscow


Moscow is one of the largest cities on the Euro Asian Continent and it is a city worth visiting, Moscow offers many beautiful sites and places to go, it has grandiose architecture and great culture. The Kremlin, Tretyakov gallery, Bolshoi Ballet and Pushkin State Museum are some of the most popular places you can go and visit.

The Kremlin is famous and important historic complex, located in the heart of the city. This area is probably the most visited area in Moscow because of the many tourist spots here, such as The Red Square and the Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the Alexander Garden, on the southern side of the fort is the river Moskva. Today Kremlin is the official residence of the president. Other very popular and wonderful building on the Red Square is the Saint Basil’s Cathedral, it is building representing fire that goes to the skies, the building is colorful and an unforgettable sight. Once you have seen the main attractions on the Red Square, you can go in the park Alexander Garden and rest by the three beautiful gardens here.

13 - State Departmental Store - Moscow

Moscow is one of the fanciest cities in Europe; there are many establishments, such as bars and restaurants, hotels, cinemas, art galleries, concert halls and museums and many more. Moscow offers from very affordable and plain to very luxurious and expensive establishments. You can go and visit the two biggest shopping malls in the city GUM and TSUM. GUM is at the Red Square, while Tsum is near the Karl Marx Place. As in the whole Moscow, here you can see and shop the latest fashion, while the interior of the shopping malls will give you pleasurable experience. Here you can rest in some of the cafes and enjoy the splendor and beauty of the Russian fanciness.

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