White water rafting destinations in Europe


There are many rivers in Europe that can be rafted, from the arctic north on Iceland and the Scandinavian Peninsula, especially Norway, to the south of the continent in the countries of Spain, Italy and the ones where the Alps are located, such as Austria and Switzerland there are many rivers to be rafted and they offer different experience and require more or less knowledge and practice in rafting. So whether you are a beginner or a professional in white water rafting Europe is probably the best destination to visit.

The great mountain range of the Alps combined with the many fast flowing rivers here are one of the best locations in Europe for rafting. Switzerland and Austria, but also Germany, Italy and France are popular destinations, Rhein is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland and it is known as the Grand Canyon of Switzerland, another location also in Switzerland is the Lutchine River and it is considered to be a top rafting destination. The river Inn runs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but in Austria at the region of Tyrol, the river offers best conditions for rafting. Another popular Alpine destination is the river Noce in Italy, the river is fed by the melting glaciers and goes raging down the wild Val di Sole (Sun Valley), and it offers very exciting rafting and most spectacular sights.

There are also many rafting trips in Europe where you can see the history of the land, such would be a trip on the Vitava river in the Czech Republic, you can see many farms and villages on the trip while paddling more than 80 killometers. Another destination where you can see old and historical places is the Corhu River in Turkey, but this is one of the more extreme trips and it is recommended to more experienced rafters.


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