Yoga in Italy

Sometimes, the best retreats that many people may tend to look for cater to yoga and exclusive exercises. Nowadays, tranquility and peace are difficult to find and there are millions of people in the world who wish to drown their doldrums in such a place where they could find utmost pleasure and relaxation.


Some of these places keenly include the Sunflower Yoga Retreat situated atop a casual hilltop in Casperia. Casperia is a place in Italy’s most secluded and exclusive capital city, Rome. The only reason that is capable of driving tourists crazy for a hike upto the mountains would be the tempting yoga classes that this retreat offers.

Of course, there is a swimming pool situated on the top of a hill and deck chairs are placed on the pool side as well. For exercises, there is a practical schedule that has been formulated which ranges from morning exercises, inclusive of refreshing yoga as well to those which would run through the entire afternoon.


Sunflower Retreat usually lives up to its name as it supports ecology to the fullest as well. Here, at Sunflower Retreats, you may see people residing either in the Resort or relaxing out on the decks to be completely soaked by the Sun’s rays. There is also enough evidence to prove the quality of the teachers who teach yoga at the place. There are quite a many teachers who have been known to be experienced enough and hence, are quite true to their words. They provide yoga which may prove indulgent for the tourists flocking to this retreat based in the north of Italy, idealistic for a picturesque view.

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